Basketball Single Post System

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Basketball single-post 

Made of aluminium profiles with a standard 2,25 m overhang. Our Single-post basketball stand is made with oval aluminium profiles with a cross-section of 120 x 100 mm. The wall thickness of this robust apparatus is 4 to 6 mm in the direction of tension. The basketball stand has an impressive visual appearance due to its delicate construction but despite that is exceptionally stable and resilient.                                                                

Delivery includes: Backboard made from white powder coated aluminium double hollow profile 180 x 105 c), ring made of galvanized and powder coated steel and nylon net are all included. Groundsockets and safety padding not include. 8 years warranty.

100160 Basketball single-post Projection 0.90m

100190 Basketball single-post Projection 1.65m

100180 Basketball single-post Projection 1.25m

100460 Standard ground socket for Basketball single post aluminium

100470 Special ground socket for Basketball single post with coat able cover

100155 Padding for basketball double & single post (available in different colours)