Aluminum Competition Soccer Goal Post

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110120:Professional football goal type, Dimension 7.32 x 2.44 m. Compliant with the latest FIFA requirements. The goal post frames (100 x 120 mm), with a 2.5 mm wall thickness, are fitted with our integrated net suspension system. Goal corners (with corner strengthening on the insides). The goalposts are joined to the crossbar by means of a connecting plug and this guarantees enormous stability along with the option of dismantling the

goal (for example for space-saving storage). The net hooks are integrated directly into the goal frame. This means that there are no external hooks, screwed or welded on, the net can be hung up or taken down easily and there is a significantly reduced danger of injury. Two net support poles are included. The goal post is white powder coated.

8 years warranty

110130: Aluminium surface