Handball Goal Post Net

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Handball Goal Post Net

In regulation dimensions: width 3 m, height 2 m, top depth 0.80 m, bottom depth 1 m. Mesh size 10 cm.

The net is made from high tenacity polypropylene (PP). The net measures a width of 3.0 m and a height of 2.0 m. The projection of the net is 0.8 m on top and 1.0 m on the bottom. The mesh width of the net is 100 mm. The net is available in 3 and 4 mm diameter. The net is available in two colours (green and white). On request the net is also available in assorted colours.

Our handball goal nets fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 749!

Order No SP Colour Thickness
70220 White 3mm
70230 Black 3mm
70240 Green 3mm
70250 White 4mm
70260 Black 4mm
70270 Green 4mm
70280 White 5mm
70290 Green 5mm
70300 Blue 5mm
70310 Red 5mm
70320 Yellow 5mm